Friday, December 6, 2013


One day, I woke upon a fall cold day and I was as happy as AP when he hit 10,000 yards rushing! It was Thanksgiving morning! We were having a touch football game at my house in Clear Lake. It was a hard competitive, cold game pitting Kay's side of the family vs Fred's side of the family. We won 21 to 28, and it was a good hard fought the game that we won because my brother Jaylen intercepted a pass at the 40 yard line. After that Jagger, Kinnik, and I played Cars 2 on my XBOX 360.  The game Cars 2 is a game which you can get guns and shoot people and they blow up and you can jump over people and go on two wheels not   I played First, then Jagger played.  Which you can get guns and shot people and you can jump over people and go on two wheels not four? Jagger and Me held the record of fourth. We played hide and go seek then we ate it was warm and gooey. There was Turkey, Bread, mashed potato, green beans, gravy, salad. My favorite was the bread. After we all ate me Jaylen, and Jagger went on the ice we had alot of clothes like boot's coat gloves hat and the face warmer on. We raced on the ice played tag and did alot more stuff. There are traditions like the parents come and chase use and they  grab you and your friends try to save you nobody got me. That was my fantastic Thanksgiving!