Friday, January 17, 2014

My fourth grade class is making snow forts out in the school garden so. Nobody can wreck it. I'm going to tell why you should come to come Ares and not the other classes. First off, Ares is bigger. Then every body's it has three room one huge room one medium room and one little room it can probably fit my hole class that has twenty-four people. We have to think of what to make it out of bye are self like buckets or snow blocks! The height is six feet Area is one hundred eight two squared and the perimeter sixth two feet and the volume is one thousand one hundred twenty-two feet cubed. The creator that made that fort was Brian he is in my class he sits across from me. He is the funniest in the class. In, addition it will have some furniture and it might be colorful. With blue green and red and yellow and we can make some colors it well be six feet tall so we well be able to fit lots of colors and pictures. Lastly, I think my class has the best team. We work the best. We can get it done fast and in one school day. The teachers can't help use! In conclusion, you should come to are snow fort and right when you walk in your be impressed with all the furniture and all the windows and all the color and how hard my class worked I think are is the best out of forth grade!