Monday, April 28, 2014

  I woke up and the yellow sun was shining through the glass window but it was so bright it hurt my eyes. I hide under my blue covers. Then I got use to it then I got on my pink swim trunks for the big day.
        I ran down stairs and did not even eat. I got my black fishing pole and my worms and ran to the dock. Today is a good fishing day. I could tell I love fishing fish are my favorite animals. I caught fish after fish I love fish they are my favorite animal. Then I herd someone comes down the dock it was my cousin he had a fishing pole and more worms.  We caught so many and before we could know it was 12 o clock.
        Then we were done so my cousin and I ran inside to go to eat we ate and then we were going to go tubing.  My cousin and I loved that idea, so did my brother we all  got on the tube and I herd the boat start I love that gas smell it smells like a flower to me. Then we rode on the tube for a little it was so fun! Then we had a fire and played ghost in the grave yard it was a fun day!
        After that, I woke up in the morning and played Xbox I don't have school that is way I like summer because there is no school.  I like that because schools are not my favorite and I rather be playing outside.
        As you can see, I really like summer and all the fun things that happen during this wonderful season. Like tubing and knee boarding and fishing, it is the funniest thing ever I hope you like summer too. Summer is on of the funniest time of the year. Summer is won of the funniest part of the year because there is no school because to can sleep and have sleepovers. Hope you like summer too.

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