Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello my name is Easton D. I'm 10 I cant wait to get to 5th grade and this is about my likes and dislikes I like math I don’t like reading. I live by PM PARK. I get to go there alot. This is about my likes in school I like the friends because you get to know people. I like pencil because you can't do anything without a pencil. I like teacher too because they're fun and help you learn. Out of school like Fishing because fish are my favorite animal. I like Xbox to I like playing the game Castle Miner Z because it is so fun. This is about my dislikes In and out of school. In schools I dislike Reading because it is hard and Running the mile because it is long and Bullies because their mean. Out of school I don’t like the New York Yankees or the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Twins and The Bears. Hope you learned something about me. I can’t wait to get in fifth grade. I had a great time in fourth grade was fun but I think fifth will be better. I heard a lot about the teachers I think it will be fun.

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