Friday, May 23, 2014

Here is your assignment for today and Friday. Write a short story, at least three paragraphs, for each of the four types of writing we do in 4th grade. These stories need to have a main idea, and details that support that main idea. Make a copy of this page, and share it with me so I can look at it. After you are done, please put all of your stories on your blog.(Add a picture if you can) Each one is a different post! Take your time, and do your best! Make sure you keep reading over your work and editing your mistakes! Persuasive Essay: Try and convince me to buy, or like something. A Xbox is so fun you can play with your friends. You can play all sorts of game to NFL to Minecraft. Buy this cord and you can play minecraft with a brother or sister on the same device. Buy a kinect and play with all your friends they don't even have to be on the same device. Buy it in the last five minutes and will pay for 25% of the coast. Informative Essay: Write me a story about something that you know about. Alligators are very big animals they have very big teeth. They do a thing called the death roll They grab their prey and then they roll. They a camouflage and they live swaps they can go in land a water they sometimes they jump out to get prey. There color is green they eat fish and meat. They have been alive for millions of years they lived with dinosaurs. Narrative Essay: This is a fiction story. I woke up and went in to the dark and scary forest and there was a owl staring down at me. Its was Midnight. Then I heard a voice saying HI. Then it was so scary I was about to run home but I did not I wasn't scared enuf. I was then on getting lighter out. Then I went home and played XBOX I never got scared again. Research Paper: Research something, and write a story about it. This story is about they live and some of the species. Like The sea turtle. The long necked turtle. Turtles live in swaps they can get on land too. The is a snapping turtle and red eared slider. Turtles are cool I hope you like turtles like me. If you don’t I hope after reading this you will.

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